(Xbox too!) IndiaFoxtEcho releases the Leonardo M-346 Master jet trainer for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update, October 6th – Just a few days following the release on third-party stores, the M-346 Master from IndiaFoxtEcho is now also available in the MSFS Marketplace. It’s out for PC and Xbox, priced at $24.99!

As promised a few weeks ago, IndiaFoxtEcho has just released their newest military aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Leonardo (former Alenia Aermacchi) M-346 Master is now available for MSFS, featuring a nicely-detailed model, realistic operations, and a handful of real-world liveries.

The M-346 was originally co-developed with Yakovlel as the Yak/AEM-130, but the partnership didn’t go through and eventually broke up in 2000. Following that separation, Alenia Aermacchi (now Leonardo) went ahead and developed what is currently known as the M-346 Master. This twin-engined jet trainer is now operated by the air forces of Italy, Israel, Singapore, and Poland.

IndiaFoxtEcho’s model of this Italian-built aircraft comes with lots of details on the exterior and in the virtual cockpit, where simmers will find a realistic implementation of the M-346’s HUD, MFD and UFCP, based on available real-world information. This level of fidelity extends to the airplane’s flight capabilities.

In a posting on the developer’s social media, IndiaFoxtEcho expressed pride in the “quality level and the complexity of this initial release“, while still admitting that the product is not perfect and will continue to be improved over time. Quite the refreshing honesty, as we’ve come to expect from Dino.

The M-346 Master is now available from the most popular third-party stores, priced at around 30€ with tax. Find it on Orbx, Simmarket, Just Flight, and soon too in the MSFS Marketplace, once Microsoft approves the package.

Those flying on Xbox will have to wait a little longer… IndiaFoxtEcho promises a dedicated console version in the near future (It’s out now!), so stay tuned for further news about that particular launch in our weekly Marketplace release roundup.

Indiafoxtecho m 346 msfs 4

Indiafoxtecho m 346 msfs 3

Indiafoxtecho m 346 msfs 2

Indiafoxtecho m 346 msfs 5

Main Features:

  • Detailed external and virtual cockpit models, with high resolution textures and PBR effects.
  • High detail texture sets, based on real aircraft, for Italian Air Force, Polish Air Force, Singapore Air Force, Israeli Air Force and T-100 program.
  • Realistic HUD, MFD and UFCP aircraft interface based on real world flight manual.
  • Realistic and detailed procedures based on real world flight manual.
  • Flight model with realistic performance and handling based on publicly available data.