SimWorks Studios previews the Van’s RV-8 for MSFS

It’s no secret that the team at SimWorks Studios is particularly fond of Van’s Aircraft, with two airplanes already in their collection for MSFS (the RV-10 and RV-14). The team continues to work on further airplanes from the manufacturer, with the next in line being the RV-8, whose first details we are now getting following an early announcement from the beginning of 2022.

According to SWS’s brief update, which featured the first screenshot of the RV-8 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, this new aircraft will feature two cockpit configurations, one analog and one with the G3X. The sounds for the RV-8 have already been recorded from a real RV-8. Interestingly, the flight model and systems for the RV-8 are being developed by the talented DeeJing, known for his outstanding freeware RV-7.

When we tested DeeJing’s work on the RV-7, we found an impressive little airplane with great visuals and engaging flying characteristics. It came with four different model combinations and featured a detailed exterior, impressive textures, and authentic flight feel.

simworks studios vans rv 10 msfs preview 02

SimWorks Studios Vans RV 14 MSFS 2

SimWorks Studios already has the RV-10 and RV-14 in its MSFS portfolio.

The Third Van’s Aircraft from SWS

The RV-8 is the third Van’s aircraft from SWS, following the successful releases of the RV-10 and RV-14. The RV-10, released in February 2023, featured superb visual fidelity, a realistic flight model, and excellent performance.

The RV-14, released in April 2022, is another great airplane from SWS. This model was built with authenticity in mind and was carefully created to be as faithful as possible to the original. The RV-14 is compatible with both GTN 750 solutions from PMS50 and TDS, providing a complete avionics package that fulfills most pilots’ needs.

The Second RV-8 for MSFS

The SWS RV-8 is the second RV-8 to hit Microsoft Flight Simulator, following the one from Terrainy Studios. The Terrainy Studios RV-8, featured a cool-looking model, fully IFR-capable analog cockpit, and an authentic flight model capable of aerobatic maneuvers. However, it was released only in the taildragger variant.