Check out this excellent freeware Van’s RV-7 for MSFS

The incredible development community in MSFS continues to come up with impressive new add-ons seemingly every day, from the usual airplanes and airports to missions and utilities, both payware and freeware. You know that we’re always looking for the best stuff to share with you, dear readers, so today we’re bringing to your attention an impressive freeware airplane that has been available for a little over two months: the Dee Jing Van’s RV-7 and RV-7A.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news from the last few weeks, you know that there’s already a good variety of Van’s kit airplanes currently in development for MSFS. From the Terrainy Studios RV-8 to the SimWorks Studios RV-7, 8, 10 and 14, this year should make many Van’s fans (ah!) very happy in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

While you wait for those, there’s currently Dee Jing’s very interesting freeware choice. The developer released his RV-7 in November, with 4 different model combinations: the tail-wheel RV-7 and the tricycle-gear RV-7A, both with a choice between a G1000 glass cockpit and an attractive alternative with classic gauges.

freeware vans rv 7 msfs 13

freeware vans rv 7 msfs 11

freeware vans rv 7 msfs 10

freeware vans rv 7 msfs 9

freeware vans rv 7 msfs 8

freeware vans rv 7 msfs 5

The overall model is quite impressive for a freeware project. The exterior is very well done and detailed, with impressive textures that put many payware projects to shame. The same applies to the cockpit, where some 3D objects come from other default aircraft. The end result is an aircraft that presents itself as a pleasant surprise in terms of visuals.

This RV-7 also flies very well. Although we can’t vouch for its accuracy, it feels authentic considering the known performance figures. It’s also very fun to fly, a light and nimble aircraft that can do some aerobatic stunts with grace and precision. Its open canopy also helps a lot to absorb the scenery below, so this ends up being a great choice for some sightseeing as well.

Good freeware airplanes are still a rarity in MSFS, but this offering from Dee Jing is definitely an exception to the rule. With impressive looks and engaging flying characteristics, it’s a great alternative to the default GA airplanes!

Got your interest? Head over to and grab your free download of the Van’s RV-7 and RV-7A!

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