iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner Now Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just as promised a few days ago, iniBuilds has officially released their flagship product, the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This launch marks a significant milestone for the team as it is the first airliner under the iniBuilds brand for MSFS, following its acclaimed success in XP. Simmers can now experience the ultimate classic airliner adventure with a host of impressive features in a very comprehensive, in-depth simulation of the historic Airbus wide-body aircraft.

The iniBuilds A300 for MSFS ticks pretty much every checkmark you can hope for in a high-fidelity airliner. The model has been built with outstanding visual fidelity, which, combined with the immersive sound design, including the authentically modeled CF6 “Buzzsaw” sound, creates a unique sense of realism.

But it’s in the inner workings where this aircraft truly stands out. The iniBuilds A300-600R boasts an authentic systems simulation, complete with a detailed custom FMS that encompasses SIDs, STARs, secondary flight plans, as well as custom VNAV and LNAV. But there’s much more:

Aircraft Features

Authentic Systems

  • Detailed custom FMS with SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plan, custom VNAV and LNAV, altitude and speed constraints and holds
  • Independent FMS with state-of-the-art high-resolution cockpit displays
  • Custom system rendition including bespoke hydraulic, electrical, pressurisation and fuel operation including unique A300-600R trim tank functionality
  • Cautions and warnings triggered by poor maintenance
  • Realistic RNAV and autoland capability modelled
  • Unique behavioural characteristics of the A300-600R simulated throughout each system for the most excellent immersive experience
  • Extensively tuned flight model to capture A300-600R characteristics including accurate performance; landing and takeoff behaviour
  • Accurate rendition of General Electric GE CF6-80C2A1 [Pratt and Whitney PW4158 variant engine coming soon!]
  • Custom maintenance functions: Engine oil levels, APU oil level, Hydraulic fluid level, wheel brake wear and tire wear

Outstanding Visual Fidelity

  • New and optimized PBR textures up to 8K quality. With performance texture packs available for lower-end systems via iniManager
  • A reworked 3D cockpit model and new exterior of the A300-600R (Passenger) and A300-600RF (Freighter) variants
  • A plethora of easter eggs and eye candy associated with maintenance options and other abnormal situations. (brake wear indicators, fuel panel, openable APU cowling, openable engine cowlings [GE ONLY], APU Mechanic, visible tire wear, RAT, reactive windshield rain)
  • Realistic door arming simulation with emergency slides modelled on passenger variant only.

Immersive Sounds

  • Authentic WWise soundset with full 3D environment using recordings from the real aircraft
  •  Advanced implementation of sound environments for the exterior, cabin, and cockpit, creating an immersive audio experience
  •  Authentically modelled the CF6s “Buzzsaw” sound dynamically balanced depending on N1

Additional Features

  • Feature-rich onboard Electronic Flight Bag (EFB); including Navigraph and SimBrief integration, performance calculators, load manager & panel state save functionality
  • Basic iniBuilds ground handling set (freighter stairs, chocks, ground power unit)
  • Pre-set cargo loads with visual models (racing team charter, horse stable transport, cargo transport, aero parts, humanitarian charter, postal freight)
  • PW, IDC (CPDLC/ACARS functionality) will come in an update and is not present on launch V1

The iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner is a fantastic new addition for Microsoft Flight Simulator and is now available from the developer website, priced at £34.99 GBP + tax.

iniBuilds A300 MSFS 7.png

iniBuilds A300 MSFS 5.png

iniBuilds A300 MSFS 3.png

iniBuilds A300 MSFS 2.png

iniBuilds promises constant updates throughout 2024 that will culminate with the Epic Mod Expansion later in the year. Learn more below about the planned roadmap for this product:

  • Stage 1 | Hotfix sometime in January 2024. Submission for Marketplace release on PC and XBox.
  • Stage 2 | Pratt & Whitney Engine variant added free of charge along with full CPDLC/ACARS simulation (the modern radio unit option) and another host of bug fixes and improvements – target is Q12024.
  • Stage 3 | EPIC Mod variant (paid expansion) sometime in late 2024