LivToAir releases the aerobatic Zivko Edge 540 for MSFS

LivToAir has introduced the Zivko Edge 540 to Microsoft Flight Simulator, expanding the simulator’s aircraft lineup with a model known for its aerobatic prowess. This single-engine, one-seater aircraft, produced by American manufacturer Zivko Aeronautics, is an ultra-agile airplane capable of a roll rate of 420 degrees per second and a climb rate of 3,700 feet per minute. It has famously been used as an aircraft of choice in the Red Bull Air Races.

LivToAir’s Edge 540 v2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator features a high-quality 3D model and detailed textures. It offers three variants to cater to different flying preferences: the Regular variant without winglets for aerobatics, the SW variant with small winglets for both aerobatics and racing, and the W variant with large winglets, primarily for racing. Each variant comes with eight liveries.

LivToAir Zivko Edge 540 MSFS 3.png

LivToAir Zivko Edge 540 MSFS 4.png

LivToAir Zivko Edge 540 MSFS 5.png

LivToAir Zivko Edge 540 MSFS 2.jpg

LivToAir Zivko Edge 540 MSFS 1

Interestingly, this aircraft includes working circuit breakers, a welcome but uncommon feature in this type of add-on. Furthermore, the developer included cool animations such as prop strike and canopy ejection. Two cockpit configurations are available: Racing and Aerobatics.

LivToAir also claims that the Edge 540 v2 has the best aerobatic flight model for the simulator, which is a bold claim. There’s not a whole lot of competition in this domain, so this aircraft may well be one the most compelling aerobatic experiences in the simulator. The official trailer video certainly gives the right impression!

The introduction of the Zivko Edge 540 v2 by LivToAir adds a specialized aerobatic and racing aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is something we don’t see very often. Make sure to pair this release with an appropriate scenery such as the freeware Flight Sim eSports League – Air Race in Porto, Portugal, which recreates the Red Bull Air Races that took place in the city between 2007-2009.

The Zivko Edge 540 is available now for around $18.00. Get it from Simmarket,, iniBuilds, and soon in the Marketplace as well.

Feature List:

  • High quality 3d model + textures
  • 3 variants:
    • Regular – No Winglets for aerobatics
    • SW – Small Winglets for aerobatics and racing
    • W – Large Winglets for racing
  • 8 Liveries for each variant
  • Working Circuit Breakers Panel
  • Prop Strike animation
  • Canopy Eject animation
  • 2 cockpit configurations: Racing & Aerobatics
  • Best Aerobatic flight model for the sim
  • Smoke with multiplayer support
  • Phone EFB