Aeroplane Heaven shares first images of its Avro Lancaster for MSFS

Note: the image above is from the FSX version of the aircraft. MSFS images are below!

Ahh, here comes another iconic airplane from World War II! In a short update today from Aeroplane Heaven, the team shared the first set of images of their Avro Lancaster B Mk1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Avro Lancaster was one of the three main British bombers during WWII, along with the Halifax and the Sterling, made to carry as much explosive power as possible and accurately drop it on the enemy.

After the recent release of the underwhelming Grumman F3F-2, whose modeling and texturing have been met with some disappointment, Aeroplane Heaven is now aiming at a “high-definition simulation” of the Avro Lancaster for MSFS, and start by showcasing some unique details that are being put into a very specific section of the model: the front turret.

It’s true that weapons are useless in MSFS, where they are just a “cosmetic” feature, but sometimes those weapons are an intrinsic part of the fuselage, so they deserve to be modeled in detail just like any other section of the aircraft. That’s what Aeroplane Heaven is showing us today, with a few images of the turret and the Browning shell-loading system.

aeroplane heaven avro lancaster 5

aeroplane heaven avro lancaster 4

aeroplane heaven avro lancaster 3

aeroplane heaven avro lancaster 2

aeroplane heaven avro lancaster 1

The Lancaster is nothing new to Aeroplane Heaven, who already released this package for FSX and P3D. Naturally, MSFS enables a whole new level of visual quality, so it will be interesting to see how the developers will bring this project to the modern age. Will this be a lazy port over with low-resolution textures and angular polygons? Or will Aeroplane Heaven fulfill the promise of a “high-definition” aircraft?

Time will tell how this will pan out, but AH’s track record in MSFS has definitely been hit-or-miss. They also have a strange way of putting out new products… The Electra 10-A was announced out of the blue and released just a few days later, while we’re still waiting on that DC-3 that was first teased nearly a year ago.