Wing42 is back with news about the Boeing 247D for MSFS

Development updates from Wing42 have been few and far between. After the release of the Blériot XI almost a year ago, the developer seems to have focused on the Lockheed Vega (with no news on that front for quite a while) and also on the Boeing 247D. We’ve seen a few images of that historic airliner in MSFS, all from the exterior, but Otmar Nitsche (lead developer at Wing42), has now returned with news about the development and some stunning new images, which include a first look into the charming cockpit of the 247D.

On the blog post published by Otmar detailing the latest development efforts, the developer talks about the difficulty to gather all the necessary data to accurately and realistically recreate the Boeing 247D cockpit. After all, this aircraft is fast approaching its 100th anniversary, and while some samples do exist in the world they are not easy to get by.

Still, Otmar managed to collect most of what was needed to create the high-quality model that he wants to deliver for MSFS. Because of this, we now have a very detailed look at how the cockpit of the 247D will look in Flight Simulator. The images speak for themselves: it’s a gorgeous piece of work that can maybe be considered to be a digital preservation of the actual aircraft. The developer says that work here is mostly done, textures included, although some optimizations may be necessary due to the extensive use of 4K textures.

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 6

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 5

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 4

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 3

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 2

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 1

Now, it appears that most of the workload will shift towards the flight model and systems’ coding. A release date is nowhere in sight, and knowing how slowly things have moved since the initial announcement more than a year ago, we better be patient.

Still, this is aiming to be a highly realistic airplane for MSFS, and we know that takes time. Hopefully updates will come more frequently from Wing42 and, as usual, we will let you know once that happens!