Aeroplane Heaven reveals its Grumman F3F-2 for MSFS, coming for Christmas!

Aeroplane Heaven continues to jink with its product announcements and releases, mixing long teasing (where’s that DC-3?!) with sudden and unexpected launches. The latest surprise was the Electra 10-A, the twin-engined classic that saw only two days between its announcement for MSFS and the release. Aeroplane Heaven appears to be getting ready to play the same trick, after announcing today that the Grumman F3F-2 is due very soon for MSFS!

In fact, the team says that this new aircraft will be out for Christmas, which is just around the corner. Who doesn’t like a new toy? The F3F-2 isn’t exactly new… for starters, it didn’t even manage to fight during WWII – its antiquated biplane design (it was actually the last biplane to serve in the US forces), was no longer appropriate in the early 40s, so the F3F ended up as a trainer. However, it served as a basis for the development of the much more successful F4F Wildcat which, coincidentally, is also coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The F3F is also an old Aeroplane Heaven model, having been initially released 20 years ago (!), for FS2002. Apparently, it has been a good seller for the team since then so, naturally, they are bringing it now to MSFS, completely remastered and updated to match modern expectations.

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 13

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 12

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 11

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 10

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 9

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 8

This new model for MSFS includes many new details, including a highly detailed cockpit and high-resolution textures throughout. Aeroplane Heaven released a host of stunning images of the aircraft that show this impressive attention to detail in the entire modeling.

Aeroplane Heaven will be releasing the F3F-2 with 6 US Navy and Marines liveries. Also included in the package is the famous GULFHAWK, flown by Major Alford “Al” Williams and currently on display in the National Air & Space Museum.

To round things up, Aeroplane Heaven has added a WWise sound set to the F3F, in order to provide a realistic soundtrack from the big Wright Cyclone radial engine. So big, in fact, that the F3F ended up looking like a flying barrel.

Although Aeroplane Heaven says the F3F will be “out for Christmas“, they didn’t exactly give a date for the launch, but we will promptly share that information once it becomes available. Until then, enjoy the gorgeous collection of first images of this aircraft in MSFS, a very shiny and detailed model!

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 7

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 6

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 5

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 4

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 2

Aeroplane Heaven F3F 2 MSFS 1

For other Aeroplane Heaven releases for MSFS, check the Cessna 140 and the Spitfire Mk1A. The team also has other projects in motion, such as the long-awaited DC-3, the P-51D Mustang, or the Sabreliner.