BlueMesh Teases new Alpha-Jet for MSFS, Announces Castel C25S Ultralight

BlueMesh has established itself as a developer of unique and historically significant aircraft models for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their progression from creating simpler freeware models to more sophisticated, high-fidelity aircraft has not gone unnoticed, and the team is now regularly collaborating with Microsoft in the creation of historical aircraft, such as some those featured in the 40th Anniversary Edition of the simulator and recent Local Legend aircraft.

The team has recently shared some interesting tidbits about their plans for 2024. Their roadmap is ambitious, with six aircraft in development. While most details remain a secret and are likely tied to whatever they are developing under their partnership with Microsoft, there are a couple of models we can identify, representing two historical French aircraft: the Castel C25S glider and the Alpha-Jet, a light attack and trainer jet.

BlueMesh BlueMesh Castel C25S MSFS

Let’s start with the Castel C25S, a vintage French glider. Constructed in the Fouga factories from 1945, this glider proved to be a successful long-distance flyer, setting several records in the early 1950s. Interestingly, it even made an appearance in the film “La Grande Vadrouille,” one of France’s most successful films. BlueMesh promises to reveal more information about this project, including a teaser video, in the coming weeks.

But BlueMesh also seems dedicated to bringing us a more modern aircraft in 2024. The team shared a teaser image subtly hinting at a new model that strongly resembles the Alpha Jet. If true, it may mean that a significant update is coming to their freeware model released a while back, possibly hinting at a higher fidelity and payware new version.

Collaboration with Microsoft

The partnership between BlueMesh and Microsoft has been a fruitful endeavor, particularly in the development and release of several historical aircraft. These include the iconic Spirit of Saint Louis, the pioneering Wright Flyer, the colossal H-4 Hercules, and the spectacular Latécoère 631, a personal favorite of mine.

BlueMesh Latecoere 631 MSFS
The Latécoère 631 is a true work of art.

We’re certainly in store for a few new aircraft releases under this partnership in 2024, possibly even tied to whatever is coming with MSFS 2024. Meanwhile, their own releases, such as the Caudron Rafale 430, have proven to be quite interesting. The Alpha-Jet is certainly a very cool aircraft that deserves a highly detailed rendition in MSFS.

Let’s see what BlueMesh has in store for us this year, but with this news, at least we have a glimpse into what the team is bringing in the new year. As always, we’ll update you on any further developments. Stay tuned!