Got Friends announces official partnership to bring a study-level Stemme S12-G motorglider to MSFS

Got Friends recently released their first glider for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the very fun and freeware Discus-2c. While the team continues to work on a payware package of that particular glider, they have also announced this week an official partnership to bring one of the most remarkable motorgliders to MSFS: the Stemme S12-G!

The short update arrived through the official MSFS forums, where the team revealed that an official partnership with Stemme has been struck, which will lead to the development of a study-level S12-G glider for MSFS, expected to come out this year. 3D modeling has already started, based on official models provided by StemmeUSA.

The brief statement doesn’t reveal much more, but there’s the promise for future updates as development progresses ahead of a release later this year. In any case, the Stemme S12-G is a well known motorglider that should be built for MSFS with the experience the team acquired with the development of the Discus-2c.

The S12-G mixes the best of two worlds: the relaxed joy of soaring in near silence, with the autonomy granted by a Rotax engine that powers the aircraft for an independent takeoff, without the need of a towplane. The S12-G also has some alluring characteristics that will be interesting to see how Got Friends will implement, such as the solar-charged battery or the “negative” flaps that reduce drag at high speeds by cutting unnecessary lift from the wing.

Got Friends has other airplanes in development for MSFS, besides this newly announced glider: the Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat and Mike Patey’s Draco. It’s unclear how the release timeline of all these projects will unfold, but we’ll share with you any further details as they become available.