Burning Blue Design releases Martha’s Vineyard Airport for MSFS

Martha’s Vineyard island has been a popular summer colony for thousands of visitors over the years, with its quaint lighthouses and pristine beaches. The rich and famous have called it a permanent or temporary home, including many US Presidents who have been coming to the island for some calm summer vacations.

Martha’s Vineyard has a small airport (KMVY) right in the middle of the island, from where many GA airplanes operate, along with some commercial flights with passengers and cargo. This is a beautiful location to fly in, as proven by the more than 100 aircraft operations per day. MSFS simmers can now enjoy the popularity of this place with a new bespoke recreation of Martha’s Vineyard Airport, released for MSFS this week by developer Burning Blue Design.

This airfield was originally built during WWII, where it played a key role in the training of thousands of fighter pilots before their deployment to carriers in the Pacific theatre. After the war, it took until 1959 for this location to start being used for civilian purposes.

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Burning Blue Design recreated this airport for MSFS with exquisite detail and authenticity, with over 300 custom 3d models, realistic buildings, and photorealistic textures.

Attention to detail can be seen throughout the whole scenery. The developers hand-placed thousands of objects across the entire airport, but also an assortment of ground workers, passengers, vehicles, and static aircraft. Furthermore, there’s improved aerial imagery, color corrected for better consistency and accuracy in relation to the real-world scenery.

Martha’s Vineyard Airport from Burning Blue Design is now available directly from the developer’s website, priced at £12.95.

This is not the first airport release from Burning Blue Design, which has a few very good products already available, including a very impressive rendition of the legendary Farnborough Airport.

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Main features:

  • Over 100 custom 3D objects have been used in Martha’s Vineyard Airport, each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) allowing for far more realistic textures and all airport buildings have been created using high resolution photos provided by Martha’s Vineyard Airport.
  • Over ten thousand carefully placed stock assets have been across the airport and surrounding area, every fence, shrub, light and tree has been placed in it’s correct location bringing life to Martha’s Vineyard airport and the surrounding area.
  • An assortment of ground workers, passengers and vehicles have been around ensuring an atmosphere of a working airport.
  • High resolution colour corrected ground textures taken from Bing maps and manipulated for consistency and realism which far surpasses the quality of the stock Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ground texture.
  • As with all Burning Blue Design Products new custom working Windsocks have been created and accurately placed around the airport.
  • Full night lighting placed across the airport and within and around the hangars and buildings.
  • Correct AI pattern procedures and accurate taxiway and runway placement have been incorporated into the release.
  • Many custom vehicles placed around the airport:
    • MVY OshKosh Striker 4×4 Airport Firetruck.
    • Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority Busses.
    • Gulfstream G650
    • Bombardier Challenger 350