The HondaJet for MSFS gets previewed in a detailed flight by a real pilot

It’s been a couple of months since we last heard of the MG HondaJet, the exciting and very promising light business jet that is currently in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After a series of stunning first images and a detailed feature list, we now have a fantastic deep look into the current state of this project, courtesy of Youtube channel 737Aviation, whose host is a real-world captain of the HondaJet. In a long and detailed video, the HondaJet is shown to the world operating inside MSFS. In short, it looks spectacular!

737Aviation’s pilot has around 200 hours of real-world experience flying the HondaJet, so he’s the perfect candidate to test this model for MSFS, which is exactly what he has been doing. This recent experience with the model for MSFS has culminated with the video that you can see below, where he takes us on a flight from Geneva to Dubrovnik.

He guides us from a walk around the aircraft, through the startup procedures (very simple, since this is a very automated airplane), flight planning, and so on, taking a wide look into seemingly all aspects of the aircraft. Despite some shortcomings, which are understandable since this is still a work-in-progress, the HondaJet was praised by the pilot, especially concerning the visuals and flight dynamics.

If you have any passing interest in the HondaJet or just MSFS business jets in general, the whole stream is well worth a look, as it provides a comprehensive preview of what the HondaJet is all about, both in terms of this version for MSFS but also conceptually, as it exists in the real world.

The HondaJet is, impressively, the creation of a single man. Marwan Gharib created the 3D model and is implementing all the code that is necessary to power the aircraft’s systems. The HondaJet uses the Garmin G3000 avionics, so the developer is counting on the work of Working Title to continue to improve that package and add new functionality.

While this is looking very promising indeed, there are a few hurdles that need to be overcome for this project to come to fruition. Most importantly, Honda is very rigorous when it comes to the freedom it allows external creators to replicate its products on any platform. This may lead to issues down the line getting this add-on released for MSFS, at least if the developer wishes to make it payware (and it surely seems to deserve an adequate price tag).

A possible alternative will be to release the HondaJet as a freeware add-on, possibly even with a slightly different name to prevent any licensing problems in the future.

In any case, this continues to be a very interesting project to follow, not only because it has a high level of apparent quality, but also because, as we know, there aren’t really many choices in terms of business jet airplanes for MSFS. As for a potential release date, Marwan has recently said on the project’s Discord server that this first quarter of 2022 could be a possibility, but we’ll have to wait and see how things will evolve in the coming weeks.

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