The Fenix A320 gets its first update just two days after the release

Fenix Simulations continue to prove its worth to the MSFS community, first with a truly spectacular product (the A320, released just a couple of days ago for MSFS), followed by a fast support service that is now pushing the first update for the aircraft.

The A320 launched with aplomb and is now being enjoyed by countless simmers, who are surely, for the most part, getting their money’s worth with a rich and complex simulation of Airbus’ workhorse. That doesn’t mean the Fenix A320 is perfect, and the team is well aware of that, so they quickly got to work to fix some of the problems encountered by early adopters.

Intending to fix issues preventing people from using the product, this first update was quick to be compiled as Fenix got customer feedback. But besides dealing with those issues, this update also expands controller support, specifically with gamepad compatibility and additional keyboard controls.

Simmers should now experience improved performance in certain scenarios (on low-end machines and with 4-core CPUs, among others), and also a better experience with the EFB. But do check the full changelog below to see everything that’s changed with this new version of the Fenix A320.

A final note goes to livery creators, who can now build their own repaints thanks to the official paintkit that has just been released. Get it here!

To grab your new version of the Fenix A320, re-download the product from your dashboard on the Fenix website, or find the prompt to update in the top right corner of the Fenix App.

fenix a320 flight deck panorama msfs

Full changelog:

  • Added gamepad controller support (default binds should just work out the box)
  • Added keyboard rudder support
  • Added keyboard throttle support, rebind Increase Throttle (small) and Decrease Throttle (small) in MSFS to whatever you want. While holding key, movement will hold for 2 seconds at each detent – Fixed anti-icing
  • Fixed settings configs not being saved to default
  • Added meta tags to enable “Save to Homescreen” on iOS, and fullscreen viewing
  • Resized window to reduce instances of overflowing long TAFs/ATIS
  • Fixed ECAM N2 display glitches
  • Improved performance on low-end machines
  • Fixed displays going haywire in some situations
  • Fixed EFB switches glitching out
  • Improved performance on 4-core machines
  • Improved shutdown logic to Fenix App
  • Fixed missing touchdown FX
  • Reduced performance impact of the contrails
  • Fixed taxi light turning off with cabin (Get it together Dave)
  • Removed requirement to be plugged in for EFB to boot (should stop issues with people stuck in just fenix logo)
  • Fixed doors doing their own thing
  • Added ability to add to home on iOS and then use in full screen
  • Added rotation function for charts (non touch devices only for now)
  • Fixed runway waypoint showing as extra label on