SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 coming to MSFS, by SimCoders and JRollon

If you’re familiar with X-Plane, you’ve probably at least heard about the Marchetti SF.260. It’s widely regarded as one of the best aircraft on that platform, certainly among the top when it comes to general aviation airplanes, and one of the best examples of a high quality addon in both graphical fidelity and flight characteristics. It is, therefore, with great excitement, that we see the developers of such an amazing product announcing that they’re working on bringing their creation to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator!

The SF.260 is arguably Italy’s most famous light military aircraft, and continues to be very popular in military training of several air forces around the world. It’s now coming to MSFS as the fruit of SimCoders and Javier Rollon labor, who also worked together on this project for X-Plane. Javier, in particular, is a highly experienced developer who even worked on X-Plane’s default aircraft, and it’s actually straight from him that we can get an early sneak peak of the new version for MSFS:

Further details are very scarce at this point. Besides this video we only have a single teaser-image from SimCoders, and nothing else. No info on release date or pricing but, for the lack of any detailed info, go check the official page for the X-Plane version. It may give you an idea of what to expect, even though we don’t know how in-depth the MSFS version is going to be.

We’re excited to see this excellent bird coming to MSFS, so stay tuned for further news about this project’s development!

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