Sim Skunk Works releases single-seat FRF-104G Starfighter for MSFS

Sim Skunk Works is back with a new iteration of its stellar simulation of the Lockheed Martin Starfighter for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the launch of the two-seater variant late last year, the studio is now offering the single-seat version, for those who like the loneliness of zipping through space in this striking aircraft.

The Sim Skunk Works Starfighter is a beautiful and detailed product that deserves your attention if you’re into this kind of airplane. It’s a fully-featured simulation, where the developer has attempted to reproduce the real-world flying experience, with some unique characteristics like a functional NASARR R-15 radar.

The single-seat variant that launches today is mostly the same experience, but with a slightly different external model. There’s one major new feature though, which is exclusive to the single-seat model: an autopilot! It should now be easier to maintain stable flight in the Starfighter.

Sim Skunk Works single seat starfighter msfs 1
The Starfighter looks awesome inside and out.

It’s unclear if this new variant comes with added functionality besides the autopilot introduction, but we do know that it comes with a beautifully rendered 3D model inside and out, fully animated and featuring an impressive custom sound pack. The single-seat FRF-104G Starfighter also includes a nice selection of multinational liveries, 12 in total, and there’s even a paint kit available for creators to make their own.

If you loved the original Starfighter, the new single-seater may compel you with its autopilot upgrade and sleek looks. For everyone else, this is easily a must-have if fast military jets are your thing.

The Sim Skunk Works FRF-104G Starfighter is now available for MSFS, priced at around $25 / €25. It should also come to the Marketplace soon!

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