The iniBuilds P-40F is just £7.99 today as part of a 5-day “Christmas Extravaganza”

iniBuilds is celebrating this year’s holiday season with a series of super deals that are being unveiled every day between December 20 and 24. This Christmas Extravaganza is of particular interest to MSFS simmers starting today with a fantastic deal on the very new Curtiss P-40F, launched by iniBuilds earlier this month. The P-40F was already very affordable at £14.99, but today you can grab it at a fantastically-low £7.99!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the P-40F when it came out, praising the airplane’s visuals, sounds, and overall features. It was a very enticing purchase for warbird lovers and it’s totally unmissable at today’s price. Grab it fast!

iniBuilds’ Christmas Extravaganza will continue tomorrow with a new deal. You can keep track of all the current promotions through the special webpage for the event but, based on the promo images published by the studio, it’s safe to say that days 3 and 4 will be focused on airports.

inibuilds christmas deals 2022

For the final day, December 24th, prepare to be surprised with something… a bit tropical. Palm trees are involved, so are we getting something new to escape the winter in the northern hemisphere? Stay tuned to find out more!

Meanwhile, it’s also worth checking the iniBuilds store, where you’ll find plenty of additional deals from many popular developers like SimWorks Studio, Digital Design, and more.