Revisiting the freeware Grumman Goose G21A Redux II

Hot on the heels of the recently released P-40B Tomahawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator, by Big Radials, we thought it might be a good opportunity to revisit another project from the same team, one that you may remember hearing about late last year: the Grumman Goose G21A Redux II, a freeware version of the venerable vintage amphibious, based on the FSX default model that many of you will surely remember.

Indeed, the talented team from Big Radials is not a newcomer to MSFS. The P-40B may be their first payware release for the new sim, but the Grumman Goose was their defacto introduction, with a very cool project that clearly set them apart when it comes to converting old airplanes to MSFS.

You see, the Grumman Goose G21A Redux II is not your typical FSX port that was brought to MSFS in a barely functional state. For starters, it’s based on the Ozx Grumman G21A Goose HD Redux, which was a comprehensive rework of the default Grumman Goose, adding much improved textures and a more realistic flight model. That flight model was originally developed by Pam “Warchild” Booker, who also worked now with Bradley Bristow-Stagg on the conversion for MSFS.

Grumman Goose G21A Redux II for MSFS video

The Redux II that is now available for MSFS builds on that initial ‘Redux’ mod, with a full conversion that took the original model and re-did it with upscaled PBR textures, a proper flight model and brand-new code that brings this iconic aircraft up to MSFS standards.

The end results is an airplane that manages to look absolutely gorgeous in MSFS, despite the somewhat “low polygon” model that is still the original one from MSFS. The truth is that the work these developers did with the textures turns it into a completely different machine. The cockpit, in particular, looks absolutely beautiful, with 3D gauges that were never there before. It easily passes as a fully native MSFS airplane, if it weren’t for the couple of digital instruments on the overhead pane that are still in 2D.

Flying this Grumman Goose in MSFS is as nostalgic as it can be. We have fond memories of it from the old FSX days, with all its quirky looks (even though, at the time, it left some mediocre impressions). It flies beautifully, gracefully even, and the sounds are quite good. Landing on the water is perfectly possible, but MSFS still has some limitations in that regard. Landing and taking off are seemingly trivial affairs, but transitions between water and land are not possible at this time.

Interestingly, the Goose actually has two radial engines, unlike the P-40B – that coming from a company named ‘Big Radials’ is just a funny touch of irony! Still, the ‘Big Radials’ name comes from the aviation era that the team loves the most, not necessarily the exact type or airplanes they intend to create.

The version of the Grumman Goose G21A Redux II that is available at the time of this writing is still the same that was released by Christmas time last year, given that the developers shifted their focus to the P-40B since then. Now, though, we know that after the Tomahawk’s release, they will take a definite look into the Goose and release a final version with some things that were left undone, like the radios, a water rudder, and some other fixes.

In the end, the Grumman Goose G21A Redux II is one of the most interesting freeware airplanes yet for Flight Simulator, and it deserves your full attention. A unique aircraft that was brought to life with great success! To get it, check the original post on the official Flight Simulator Forums. A direct link to the official file is also below, for your convenience!

AS for the P-40B, we will have a more in-depth look into it over the coming days.