Carenado is on final to release the Seneca V for MSFS. New images!

Carenado’s next aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the twin-engined P34T Seneca V, seems to be just around the corner. After the initial reveal, the developers have now shared a new set of images that show their creation in beautiful detail. One thing is certain, Carenado knows how to make gorgeous planes!

These new images show a beautiful model inside and out. The detail here is really impressive, and the Seneca is looking very realistic and especially charming with the steam gauges. There is also a modern set of avionics, which include a weather radar that Carenado claims to be “new”. This will be useful, given that the developers added icing effects to the cockpit. The Seneca does have deicing systems for more practical winter flights, so it looks like you’ll be able to have a proper experience in those more “atmospheric” flights.

In the real world, the current version of the Seneca V is offered with the Garmin G1000, but it’s nice to see that Carenado decided to go for a more “vintage” look. Most people prefer the look and feel of those classic gauges, which definitely give more character to the cockpit of any light aircraft such as this one.

The Seneca is one of the few options available for light piston twins, competing directly with the Baron G58, for instance. MSFS definitely needs more variety in this category. For that reason, this is looking to be one of the most interesting projects from Carenado for MSFS, and we look forward to seeing how different it is from previous releases. Carenado’s airplanes do look beautiful, but tend to be a little too similar to each other, lacking a certain character that definitely enhances the immersion when flying one of these planes. Just Flight absolutely nailed it with their Arrow III in that regard, and should be a good example of how to create a high-quality GA airplane.

It’s unclear if the Seneca will be available from the start in the MSFS Marketplace, but based on the studio’s recent releases, that’s very likely to happen. We are expecting a release within days at this point, so stay tuned for further news!