A new Kitfox is out for MSFS: meet the Speedster Series 7 by Project Stratosphere

Project Stratosphere released this week a new model of the Kitfox for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Kitfox Speedster Series 7.

This project from the Indian team of developers brings to the simulator the latest model of the Kitfox family. The Series 7 was introduced twenty years ago, featuring some improvements over the previous incarnations.

Fans of Kitfox airplanes have been lucky to enjoy a spectacular offering for MSFS by the talented team at //42, and now there’s a new contender in town for the same aircraft. Well, not exactly the same, because //42’s version depicts the aircraft’s Series 5, which is a bit older. Furthermore, the Speedster version now released by Project Stratosphere should be a bit speedier, with a shorter wing and higher cruise speed.

This new Kitfox appears to be a decent contender in the category, with initial buyers praising the overall experience and placing it somewhere between the BT Studio Kitfox, the worse of the bunch, and the //42 version, which remains on top as the best Kitfox airplane for MSFS so far. The new Series 7 even comes with a few nifty tricks, like a smoke effect that can be activated with a switch behind the seat.

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 2

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 9

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 8

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 7

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 6

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 5

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 4

Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster MSFS 3

The Speedster Series 7 has been out for just a couple of days, but the developer has given good signs in terms of support for the product. Users have complained about a few key areas, which will now be the focus of the developer’s attention over the next few weeks.

Updates are expected to be dropped frequently, fixing and improving the areas that need the most attention such as the sounds, fuel flow, texturing on some surfaces, and more. Read more below about the features included in this package and the known list of issues currently being worked on by the developers!

The Project Stratosphere Kitfox Speedster Series 7 is now available for MSFS, priced at a very affordable $10 + tax.

This addon includes:

  • Accurate flight model
  • Working circuit breakers
  • Smoke effect
  • High quality 8K PBR texturing
  • High quality model 
  • 26″ Airstreak Bushwheels
  • 7 Liveries
  • G3X Screen
  • 3 Backup Gauges
  • Accurate sounds
  • and much more!

Known issues (at the time of writing):

  • Sound issues
  • Fuel flow issue
  • RPM display issues
  • Windows too tinted
  • Wheel pants variant to be added
  • Pilot and copilot model missing
  • More weathering on textures
  • Passenger door animation
  • 750 integration
  • Autopilot related issues
  • Airmaster Propeller controls to be made functional
  • Model issues near wing struts connection FIXED
  • Flap animation missing FIXED
  • Pilot Weight issue FIXED