A “flying flea” in MSFS? Rara-Avis Sim releases the Mignet HM.14

Imagine a small, light aircraft that appears completely different from any other in the sky. It resembles… a flying bug, perhaps? That is the HM.14 Flying Flea, created in France in the 1930s by Henri Mignet. This intriguing piece of aviation history has a distinctive design and is now a part of Microsoft Flight Simulator, thanks to creator Rara-Avis Sim.

The Flying Flea has a long and interesting history. Mignet designed the aircraft in the 1930s as a simple and affordable way for people to fly. He believed that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of flight. The aircraft quickly gained popularity and became known as the “Pou du Ciel” which translates to “Louse of the Sky”.

But it’s the HM.14 flying flea’s simplicity that stands out. Mignet designed it to be simple and inexpensive to build, so even inexperienced builders could do it. However, the flying flea has been a source of contention. Critics claim it is dangerous and unstable, and there have been numerous accidents involving the plane over the years. It is even outright prohibited in some countries.

Despite these reservations, the HM.14 Flying Flea remains popular among aviation enthusiasts, thanks to its unique control system that does away with the standard rudder, ailerons, and elevators. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind and challenging flying experience in MSFS, this special aircraft might be just what you’re looking for!

Rara Avis HM 14 Flying Flea MSFS 4.png

Rara Avis HM 14 Flying Flea MSFS 3.png

Rara Avis HM 14 Flying Flea MSFS 1.png

The Flying Flea for MSFS comes in ten different models with 18 liveries and four engine types. The ROTAX-engined version with modern avionics is provided and you can change the wing style ‘on the fly’. This new aircraft also features 4K PBR textures, 3D propeller blur, hidden GPS/radio, custom camera positions, windscreen rain and icing effects, custom animations, custom checklists, animated landing gear suspension, tire smoke, and dust effects.

The Rara-Avis Flying Flea is out now, priced at around $19 through the iniBuilds and Just Flight stores.