A1R Design Bureau releases the Chilton DW-1A, a vintage British sporting airplane

Are you interested in British aviation history? If so, you might be interested in learning more about the Chilton DW-1, a light sporting monoplane from the 1930s that A1R Design Bureau has now released for MSFS.

A1R Design Bureau is not among the most well-known developer out there, but their first release for MSFS, the Ryan ST-A Special, was actually a pretty great vintage airplane. The Chilton DW-1 appears to be a similar aircraft, at least in terms of looks, but is a significantly less powerful and smaller airplane. Nonetheless, they were born in the same decade, making them appealing to the same audience.

The Chilton DW-1 was designed by two ex-de Havilland Technical School students in Berkshire, UK, and was intended to be inexpensive to build and operate while providing exceptional low-power performance.

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 9

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 8

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 6

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 4

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 3

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 2

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 1

Unfortunately, the Chilton DW-1 never achieved the same level of popularity as some of its contemporaries, with only a handful of units built. Still, some have remained airworthy until recently, a testament to the appreciation of their owners who have kept the planes in good condition all these years.

A1R Design Bureau is now offering simmers the opportunity to fly this rare bird in the virtual skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Chilton DW-1A, like the Ryan ST-A Special, appears to have very good graphics both inside and out, which is always nice to see in a vintage airplane like this.

Chilton DW 1A MSFS vintage 7

The developers don’t reveal much about the product, but they do say that the DW-1A includes a new Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flight model, a propeller simulation system, PBR textures, and a Wwise sound set.

If you’re interested in the 1930s era of British aviation, this could be an interesting plane to investigate and use for sightseeing flights across the country. It’s now available at SimMarket for around €15 / £13.