MSFS Sim Update 14 released

The latest and greatest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator has landed! Following a period of beta testing that lasted a little over a month, Sim Update 14 is now available for download and brings with it an impressive and quite exciting list of new features and changes to our beloved simulator.

As always, the changelog is long for this one, but there are definitely some key highlights. One of our favourites is the improved atmospheric simulation. This change is based on the research of a community member and the consequential popularity of a mod that implemented it, resulting in significantly more realistic sky colors, especially during dawn and dusk. It’s something we reported about here (by the way, don’t forget to remove the model files before installing SU14 to avoid any conflicts).

msfs su14 atmospheric changes 1

msfs su14 atmospheric changes 2

Another major new feature is an entirely new aircraft, a revamped Cirrus SR22T G6 from the team at Working Title. It’s a more modern iteration of the Cirrus SR22, made for MSFS at the specific request of the manufacturer, and includes an in-depth simulation of the aircraft with many more screens added to the Perspective+ Avionics package, flight dynamics enhancements, and much more.

This new variant effectively replaces the existing SR22 in the simulator… unfortunately, only available for those who’ve purchased the Premium Deluxe edition of MSFS.

But there’s plenty more, including:

  • ATC system improvements include bug fixes in vectoring, a new flight plan assistance setting, and more user-driven approach to runway and approach assignments​​​​.
  • Enhanced ATC phraseology, bringing a more realistic communication experience​​.
  • Weather improvements, such as more accurate snow and ice coverage in live weather and fixing the wind reading from malformed METAR​​.
  • Substantial updates to the avionics, especially in the Garmin G3000/G5000 and G1000 Nxi systems.
  • Aircraft-specific fixes spread across various models like the Boeing 787-10, Boeing 747-8i, Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”, Daher TBM 930​​ and more.

Unfortunately, Sim Update 14 is missing the promised Airbus A320neo v2, due to a high crash rate. It should go through a more extended testing phase and be released in a few months.

As with all previous updates, Sim Update 14 is free to download and is available right now as soon as you launch Microsoft Flight Simulator. See here the full release notes.

Now, more than ever, it’s very recommended that users move all the contents of their Community folder to a safe backup location and gradually move back all the addons if no problems arise. Most of the problems reported in the early hours following each Sim Update are caused by incompatible mods, which need to be updated to work on the new version of the simulator. Keep that in mind!