The Dorand AR.1, a 100 years old French biplane, is now available for MSFS

Vintage airplanes have become very popular in MSFS, with a growing number of announcements and releases of a variety of these old-school, often pioneer aircraft. There’s now a new one to add to the roster: the Dorand AR.1, a French reconnaissance biplane that was introduced more than 100 years ago!

The Dorand AR.1 was used during World War I by the French Air Force and the American Expeditionary Forces, among others, and comes to MSFS by the hands of realPhysics, representing the A2 200 variant, a slightly more powerful version compared to the first one that was first flown in 1916.

Interestingly, it’s based on a real aircraft, which was found in a very bad shape somewhere close to the Serbian-Hungarian border. It was then disassembled, shipped to Australia, and put back together fully restored. This is why you will find a GPS unit here. Totally out of place, but a nice-to-have in today’s aviation.

Dorand AR.1 MSFS 6

Dorand AR.1 MSFS 5

Dorand AR.1 MSFS 4

Dorand AR.1 MSFS 3

Dorand AR.1 MSFS 2

Overall, this Dorand AR.1 looks rather pleasant, with some crips textures throughout. The developers promise a fully animated and functional cockpit and an accurate flight model, with 6 different liveries to choose from.

If you like airplanes from this era, make sure to also check out the even older Blériot XI, an also French pioneer aircraft that is also available for MSFS.

The Dorand AR.1 for Flight Simulator is now available at Simmarket, for just under 15€ / $18.