An historic aircraft for MSFS: the Blériot XI (update: released!)

Update November 21: Released!

The Blériot XI is now available at Wing42. It’s bound to be one of the most interesting new aircraft for MSFS, with a very challenging flight model and a stall speed very close to the cruise speed, so you will be struggling to control it all the time.

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Some people complain about the lack of good airliners or jets in MSFS. They are wrong. But you know what’s definitely missing? Historic aircraft, those old birds that the pioneers engineered and risk their lives in.

Thankfully, some developers are taking care of that. And there’s definitely a case to be made for these types of aircraft in MSFS. After all, it’s the best low-altitude-flight-simulator ever. Never before were we able to enjoy flying as close to the ground as with MSFS, enjoying the scenery, landing on any grassy field that looks minimally acceptable. Perfect playground for those really old, really hazardous first flying machines.

Today we have news about a new bird under development by Wing42, and its as historic as it can get: the Blériot XI, a French aircraft from the pioneer era of aviation. It was used by Louis Blériot to make the first flight across the English Channel in a heavier-than-air aircraft, on 25 July 1909. It was one of the most famous accomplishments of the pioneer era of aviation, winning Blériot a lasting place in history.

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A flying bycicle that flew over the English Channel

The Blériot XI was made of wood, bolts and screws, with a bycicle-style undercarriage. An uncanny design that became a commercial success, now coming to Flight Simulator to rival all the lights and ultralights that seems to be the norm right now. We can’t wait!

There’s no news on a release date, but we will keep a close eye on this project and let you know of any further developments.

Remember, now that we’re in good old field of historic planes, that Wing42 is also working on the Lockheed Vega, and that there’s also a Spitfire incoming from Aeroplane Heaven. There’s something new coming for everyone, so make sure to keep your eyes on our aircraft section!

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