Gaya Simulations releases KBID Block Island State Airport for MSFS

Gaya Simulations is establishing itself as one of the most prominent scenery creators for Flight Simulator, with a series of stunning airports and even an important role designing landmarks and airports for the official MSFS World Updates.

Following up with the planned product roadmap for this year, Gaya released today their very first airport in the United States: KBID Block Island State Airport, in Rhode Island.

Block Island is a popular summer destination for many people looking to spend some time on its beaches, going for a hike, fishing, and more. The small airport is the main gateway to the island, with regular flights operated by New England Airlines, whose fleet includes a few Britten-Norman BN-2 Islanders, an aircraft that was also recently launched for Flight Simulator by Black box Simulation.

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 1

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 12

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 10

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 9

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 8

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 7

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 6

KBID Block Island Airport MSFS 5

KBID is an important infrastructure for the island’s inhabitants. Besides bringing the aforementioned influx of tourists, it also serves the community’s critical transport needs, providing access for time-sensitive cargo and urgent medical transport.

As usual with Gaya Simulations’ airports, we are looking at an incredibly detailed product, which highlights all of the new features that are possible in MSFS. The developers recreated KBID with custom-made PBR ground-poly, very detailed and accurate static aircraft and ground service vehicles, true-to-life USA-style roads around the island, and more.

KBID Block Island State Airport is now available through Orbx Direct for just under $17.