Just Flight releases the PA-28R Arrow III for Flight Simulator

After a slight delay, Just Flight has released today their highly anticipated first aircraft for MSFS, the PA-28R Arrow III. This updated version for MSFS follows on the highly praised release for other simulators such as FSX and X-Plane, and it’s looking to be one of the best airplanes currently available in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Interestingly, Carenado released their own Arrow III just a few days ago, so it will be fun to see how they compare.

Just Flight is promising here a highly detailed simulation of the PA-28R, based on a real-world aircraft based at Conington Airfield. First impressions from people who had access to the plane over the last few days are extremely promising. There’s very high praise for the look and feel of the aircraft, and also for the realism of the simulation, where every system works, every dial and even circuit breaker.

Just Flight PA 28R Arrow III MSFS 7

Just Flight PA 28R Arrow III MSFS 5

Just Flight PA 28R Arrow III MSFS 4

Just Flight PA 28R Arrow III MSFS 2

Just Flight PA 28R Arrow III MSFS 3

You’ll not only find here an impressive interior and exterior model, but also highly detailed and realistic sounds, high resolution 4096×4096 textures and PBR materials, and much more. It really makes use of the great new technologies that MSFS employs, put to use to create one of the most impressive third-party creations yet.

There’s also an impressive lighting system that brings the cockpit to life at nighttime, something that help creating the feel of being in a real aircraft here, specially coupled with the the wear and tear that is present in the cockpit. But rest assured, if you want a “new” airplane you have the option to activate that. In fact, there’s a virtual tablet that allows the control of several aircraft options.

Proof of Just Flight’s attention to the detail is also the user manual, already available here, where you can find everything that there is to know about the Arrow III.

The Arrow comes with 11 liveries included, matching the one real-world research aircraft but also others from the USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Australia and Germany.

Overall, this is looking to be a very impressive debut for Just Flight in MSFS. A popular airplane, highly detailed and realistic, with fully functional IFR avionics, it has everything that you need to enjoy and learn over dozens of hours in Flight Simulator.

The PA-28R Arrow III is now available for purchase. There’s also an upcoming Turbo version, which will be available to get with a 66% discount if you buy the standard version through Just Flight.

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