Orbx releases the Blackwing BW 635RG, a high-performance ultralight for MSFS

Orbx is back with a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, following the launch of the P-750 XSTOL and their collaborations with Microsoft on the DHC-4 Caribou and Fokker F.VII. Orbx ahs now introduced the Blackwing BW 635RG, a fast Swedish-built ultralight that was developed for MSFS in partnership with Blackwing Sweden AB.

The Blackwing BW 635RG boasts some seriously impressive specs that set it apart in the UL category. With a top speed of 223 knots (413 km/h) and several FAI world records in its class, the 635RG is designed for speed and ease of use, an idea embodied in the Single Lever Power Control (SLPC) system, which simplifies the pilot’s jobs and enhances the flying experience in this aircraft.

Orbx states 3D artist and industry veteran Russ White used real-world CAD drawings provided by Blackwing to create some of the most accurate modelling and texturing seen in MSFS. The result is indeed pretty incredible and results in a very realistic aircraft, extremely well-textured and complete with smudges on the Garmin avionics suite screens, wear on buttons and switches, intricate landing gear, and individual LEDs making up the strobe lights. The sleek exterior features a unique carbon fiber material that is visible when the light hits it at just the right angle.

The Blackwing BW 635RG includes four distinctive liveries: Blue and Black, Blue, Gray, and Red, all of which are created using geometry for a high-resolution appearance, regardless of the viewer’s proximity. The large canopy offers excellent visibility, making it ideal for exploring the virtual world in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Despite its small size, the BW 635RG is equipped with a full suite of Garmin avionics, including the touch screen G3X, GMA 345 audio panel, GNC 255 radio, and GTX 345 transponder, all featuring custom 3D modelling.

The aircraft’s electrical system, based on Blackwing’s documentation, includes functioning circuit breakers, with master and backup switches performing multiple functions as in the real aircraft. The built-in GFC 500 autopilot allows for a relaxing cruising experience.

Orbx Blackwing 635RG MSFS 7

Orbx Blackwing 635RG MSFS 6

Orbx Blackwing 635RG MSFS 5

Orbx Blackwing 635RG MSFS 3

Orbx Blackwing 635RG MSFS 2

Orbx Blackwing 635RG MSFS 1

Key features of the Blackwing BW 635RG include the aforementioned highly-detailed 3D models and textures based on real-world CAD files, advanced avionics, GFC 500 autopilot, accurate fuel and electric systems, an animated operable canopy, retractable landing gear, a 500 nautical mile range, and four real-world liveries. The aircraft also supports virtual reality for an immersive flying experience.

With the release of the Blackwing BW 635RG, Orbx offers a unique and refreshing proposition compared to the developer’s previous releases, combining record-breaking performance, stunning visuals, and easy controls to create a very interesting new ultralight for MSFS.

The Blackwing BW 635RG is now available for purchase on Orbx’s website at a competitive price of $29.68 AUD (aproximately US$19.85 | €18.09 | £16.00).