The Gee Bee Model Z and R-2 are now out for Flight Simulator

As we reported earlier this month, the Gee Bee Model Z and the Gee Bee Model R-2 have been released today for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Arriving on the same day as Sim Update 9, the Gee Bees are now available from the in-sim Marketplace, priced at just $15 for the bundle.

Carenado is once again the development studio responsible for this project, just like in the case of the Boeing Staggerwing. The Gee Bees are speed kings from the Golden Era of aviation, owners of several records of that time, aimed at simply being the fastest they could be and drawing the cheers of the massive crowds that got together during air racing competitions of the time.

Unfortunately, both of these unique models ended up crashing, but two replicas of the Model Z were built at a later date. One of those replicas currently lives in the Museum of Flight, in Seattle, where the MSFS team had the chance to study the aircraft and scan it with the purpose of recreating it for Flight Simulator.

Simmers now have the chance to fly these impressive machines, risking their virtual lives with what is essentially a big Wasp engine with wings. The Gee Bee was a notoriously difficult airplane to deal with on the ground, so extra care is needed on takeoffs and landings. Once in the air, it should zip through space at great speeds!

With this release, the Gee Bee Model Z and Model R-2 are now part of the Famous Flyers series, which looks to highlight notable airplanes throughout history. They are just the second product in this series, after the Beech Model 17, but there are already hints for what might be coming next… like the Antonov An-225, which has recently been set as “planned” by the MSFS team.

msfs gee bee z r2 2
Aren’t they two cute little things?

The Gee Bee Model Z and the Gee Bee Model R-2 are now available for MSFS, exclusively through the in-sim Marketplace, priced at just $15. Want to learn a bit more about each of these airplanes? Click here for more information!

If you enjoy the GeeBees and their capabilities, make sure to also check the Got Friends Gee Bee R3 Special, another unique airplane that just recently got a major update. It’s an exceptionally fun airplane and also highly recommended!