Miltech Simulations releases the MV-22B Osprey for Microsoft Flight Simulator

As promised, Miltech Simulations released today its simulation of the MV-22B Osprey, the remarkable American tiltrotor VSTOL aircraft. This joint partnership with aircraft developer Maryadi has resulted in “the most comprehensive rendition of the MV-22B Osprey ever developed for a consumer Flight Simulation platform“, in the team’s words, and promises to be a unique new way to fly in MSFS!

The Miltech Simulations MV-22B Osprey for MSFS features a detailed visual model (with margin for improvement – this will be addressed soon by the developers) and the promise of an accurate flight model that reflects the Osprey’s unique VSTOL capabilities.

One of the Osprey’s most iconic features, besides the unique capability to land anywhere and fly faster and longer than a traditional helicopter, are the blade tip lights. These serve as a reminder to pilots of the blade’s length, and serve as a visual cue to their tilted position during critical stages of flight, as the blades may impact the ground before the landing gear if the props are fully forward during landing. The lights communicate to the pilot the exact tilt of the props, and look extremely cool and futuristic in the pitch dark of the night!

Miltech Simulations also launched today a new companion product that may be of interest to prospecting buyers of the Osprey. The Amphibious Ready Group is a selection of highly-detailed ships that feature hard decks where the Osprey can land on. Users can buy the aircraft and the ships in a bundle and save some money!

The Miltech Simulations MV-22B Osprey is out now for MSFS, priced at around US$32.55 | €33,31 | £29.04 through Orbx Direct. A release for Xbox is planned once the infamous WASM issues are sorted out, and the developers promise regular updates as they get user feedback and the helicopter simulation in MSFS improves following next week’s release of the 40th Anniversary Edition!

V 22 Osprey MSFS 5

V 22 Osprey MSFS 4

V 22 Osprey MSFS 3

V 22 Osprey MSFS 2

V 22 Osprey MSFS 9


  • Developed in partnership with talented aircraft developer Maryadi
  • Most Detailed and Comprehensive representation of the MV-22B Osprey ever created for a consumer Flight Simulator.
  • Accurate external model, as well as Internal cockpit model, based on the aircraft flight manual and references.
  • Togglable automatic operation of Doors and Ramp based on the flight condition.
  • Authentic interior and exterior Night Lighting, including Osprey’s iconic Blade Tip lights.
  • Custom Sounds.
  • Hand-crafted Liveries included.

Cockpit and Systems:

  • Comprehensive simulation of the aircraft instrument and systems. All instruments have been custom coded to match the real counterpart.
  • Realistic manual operation of engine nacelles based on airspeed, as per the real-life counterpart.
  • Full Simulation of BFWS (Blade Fold and Wing Stow) Procedures.
  • Accurate simulation of Auto-Hover capabilities, Auto-Flaps and custom-coded Autopilot.

Flight Dynamics and Engine Systems:

  • Custom VTOL/STOL Flight Dynamics, including realistic behavior of the aircraft handling during movement of the engine nacelles.
  • Fully simulated Vortex Ring State: Dangerous aerodynamic stall condition that results in an uncontrollable descent of the aircraft.
  • Accurate simulation of the gearing system connecting both proprotors, allowing for 1 engine operations at reduced performance.
  • Engine overstress limitations as per the real aircraft – engines cannot sustain full throttle for long periods of time.