(Preview video out!) The MV-22B Osprey is coming to MSFS on November 4th

Update, November 30th – Following yesterday’s exciting announcement from Miltech Simulations, we share with you today a detailed preview video of the Osprey for MSFS, courtesy of our dear friend TwoToneMurphy. Watch it below to get a very good idea of the unique experience that will soon be available for MSFS users with this incredible aircraft!

What a surprise we have for you today! Miltech Simulations, in collaboration with developer Maryadi, announced today a unique new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the tiltrotor MV-22B Osprey!

The two developers have joined forces to develop what they claim to be “the most comprehensive rendition of the MV-22B Osprey ever developed for a consumer Flight Simulation platform“. They certainly have a machine in their hands that is not for the faint of heart…

The V-22 Osprey is very unique aircraft: a tiltrotor, VSTOL, multi-mission combination of helicopter and conventional fixed-wing aircraft that attempts, with a great degree of success, to offer the advantages of both types of aircraft in the battle theatre. Interestingly, the real aircraft is also a joint venture between two aviation juggernauts, Boeing and Bell.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this aircraft will behave in MSFS. The developers promise a comprehensive simulation of the MV-22B, with realistic engine operations, full simulation of Blade Fold and Wing Stow procedures, accurate auto-hover, custom V/STOL flight dynamics, and more. Auspicious!

Besides the Osprey, Miltech Simulations and Maryadi will also launch a companion product titled “Amphibious Ready Group“. It’s essentially a scenery and activities pack that will feature landable vessels with accompanying missions and landing challenges focused around the Osprey.

V 22 Osprey MSFS 5

V 22 Osprey MSFS 2

V 22 Osprey MSFS 1

V 22 Osprey MSFS 9

V 22 Osprey MSFS 8

V 22 Osprey MSFS 7

V 22 Osprey MSFS 6

Amphibious Ready Group will include detailed renditions of USS America (LHA-6), USS San Antonio (LPD-17), USNS Mercy (T-AH-19), USS Lewis B. Puller (ESB-3), and USS Virginia (SSN-774), placed on 16 locations around the world. This type of product is something Miltech Simulations is very familiar with. After all, they were among the first to create a highly-detailed aircraft carrier model for MSFS.

All of this is coming very soon! Next week, on November 4th, the whole pack will become available exclusively through Orbx. A Marketplace release is expected a few weeks after that, targeting both PC and Xbox users of the platform. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

Looking into the future, Miltech also revealed that the team is already planning for a new associated product to be launched in early 2023, the Osprey Airport Pack, which will include MCAF Quantico, AFB Hulburt Field, and MCAS New River.

V 22 Osprey MSFS 3


  • Developed in partnership with talented aircraft developer Maryadi
  • Comprehensive simulation of the aircraft instrument and systems. All instruments have been custom coded to match the real counterpart.
  • Custom VTOL/STOL Flight Dynamics, including realistic behavior of the aircraft handling during movement of the engine nacelles.
  • Accurate external model, as well as Internal cockpit model, based on the aircraft flight manual and references.
  • Realistic manual operation of engine nacelles based on airspeed, as per the real-life counterpart.
  • Fully simulated Vortex Ring State: Dangerous aerodynamic stall condition that results in an uncontrollable descent of the aircraft. Realistic simulation of VRS Recovery maneuvers.
  • Togglable automatic operation of Doors and Rampbased on the flight condition.
  • Full Simulation of BFWS (Blade Fold and Wing Stow) Procedures.
  • Accurate simulation of the gearing system connecting both proprotors, allowing for 1 engine operations at reduced performance.
  • Authentic interior and exterior Night Lighting, including Osprey’s iconic Blade Tip lights.
  • Accurate simulation of Auto-Hover capabilities, Auto-Flaps and custom-coded Autopilot.
  • Engine overstress limitations as per the real aircraft – engines cannot sustain full throttle for long periods of time.