The SubSonex JSX-2 personal jet is now available for Flight Simulator

Ysim has released for MSFS an officially endorsed recreation of the SubSonex JSX-2, the experimental personal jet from Sonex Aircraft. This release somehow escaped under our radar, but user feedback seems to be positive for this curious little airplane.

SubSonex JSX-2 is a homebuilt ‘microjet’ that is somewhat similar in concept to the Cri-Cri: a tiny, jet-powered airplane that is capable of transporting a single passenger. It was first unveiled in 2009, and it’s now coming to Flight Simulator thanks to the work of YSim and the full collaboration of Sonex Aircraft.

The JSX-2 is a simple airplane, but features a novelty avionics system that provides at least a welcome alternative to the ubiquitous Garmin units. The MGL avionics have been implemented in this version for MSFS, even if only with basic functionality. There is no autopilot, sadly, but users report that the JSX-2 flies very well in MSFS, easy to trim and handle.

The TJ-100 turbojet engine generates around 250lb of thrust, which is enough to give the JSX-2 a cruise speed of 240mph and a rate of climb of 1.600fpm. Impressive figures that are a sign of some potential good fun!

The developers promise a high-fidelity aircraft that features an accurate 3D model and high-quality textures. 5 liveries are included, as well as canopy rain effects and smoke.

YSim recently updated the aircraft to version 1.1, fixing some issues that have been reported and adding the G3X avionics as an alternative to the MGL. It’s a good sign that the team is listening to user feedback and providing some support to the product, which isn’t often the case with these less-known projects and developers.

The SubSonex JSX-2 is now available from Simmarket at around $20.