You must check this outstanding freeware scenery of Stansted Airport for MSFS

Sometimes a freeware developer comes along and just shatters whatever expectations we may have for non-paid work. After the release of the newest Microsoft Flight Simulator, we have seen a continuous stream of really good-quality freeware add-ons and mods, from airports to aircraft, and today we have another truly impressive recreation of a major European airport: Stansted Airport (EGSS), in the UK.

Developer Liam Gathercole put his lockdown time to good use, spending months of work on a project that effectively brings something a lot of people have been looking for: a realistic and high-quality recreation of the very busy and popular Stansted Airport for MSFS. It’s something no other developers have managed to put out yet. We know Gaya Simulations has this scenery in its roadmap (and we’re sure it will look very good), but Liam Gathercole has just brought joy to so many pilots with such an impressive work that it no longer feels like Stansted is a gap to be filled in MSFS. It has now been delivered for everyone to enjoy, for free!

We’ve seen payware airports that can’t hold a candle to this one. The developer included pretty much all the features you would expect from a modern airport in Flight Simulator. From highly detailed 3D models and textures, including some interiors, to animated vehicles around the airport, a good amount of static airplanes and an up-to-date layout throughout, this could easily pass as payware scenery.

Stansted Airport is currently the fourth busiest airport in the UK, with a fast-paced growth that will soon have it surpass Manchester Airport and jump to third place. It’s known as the primary hub for Ryanair, but many low-cost airlines operate here, with over 160 destinations served across Europe, Africa and Asia.

With this brilliant creation, UK pilots have another great option for flights with the big jets. It will be interesting to see how Gaya’s version will compare, but in any case this should please many of you.

EGSS Stansted Airport is now available for free at

Main features:

  • Highly detailed 3D models around each and every gate, using the default moving ramps.
  • Some airport interiors (satellite terminals and ATC tower)
  • Animated vehicles throughout (baggage carts, transit system, air-side buses and terminal buses)
  • Custom vehicles throughout (including 737 Ryanair and Jet2)
  • Detailed and accurate ground markings
  • Up-to-date 2020 constructions including the new multi-level car park and construction area
  • Hilton and Radisson Blu hotels, and police station with animated flags
  • Immersive clutter, debris and grime textures
  • Accurate ground marking placement with high level detail on aprons, taxiways and parking locations.
  • Animated passenger transit system outside Main Terminal
  • Accurate, worn runway texturing with lifelike tire markings in the touch down zone.
  • Much more accurate landscaping
Stansted Airport MSFS 9

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