The Saab B 17A is the new Local Legend aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In a tribute to the rich history of Swedish aviation, the MSFS team has released today the latest aircraft in the Local Legend series, the Saab B 17A. This release coincides with the release of World Update XV, which focuses on the Nordic countries and Greenland.

The Saab B 17A: A Testament to Swedish Innovation

The Saab B 17A, a single-engine, two-seat dive bomber, marks a significant chapter in the story of Saab (Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolag), a leading name in the global aerospace and defense industry. The Saab 17, the progenitor of the B 17A, holds the distinction of being the first aircraft produced by Saab, playing a pivotal role in the company’s early development.

The B 17A stands out as a multi-role military airframe, designed for a variety of tasks including ISR, forward observation, surface attack, and bombing missions. Notably, the B 17A was also used to test early ejection seats by the Danish Brigade in Sweden during World War II and served in the Ethiopian Air Force from 1947 to 1968.

The aircraft’s specifications are as follows:

  • Length: 32 feet, 10 inches
  • Height: 14 feet, 9 inches
  • Wingspan: 44 feet, 11 inches
  • Engine: 1,065-horsepower STWC-3, an analog to the Pratt & Whitney R-1830
  • Range: 606 miles
  • Top Speed: 270 miles per hour
MSFS Saab 17 2

MSFS Saab 17 3

The B 17A’s design includes a distinctive “greenhouse” canopy, a mid-wing configuration, a traditional empennage, and notably large main landing gear doors that double as air brakes during bombing runs.

Availability and Liveries

The Saab B 17A for Microsoft Flight Simulator was created by iniBuilds and comes with seven liveries, reflecting its service in the Swedish and Ethiopian air forces, as well as special Xbox Aviators Club and Aviators Club designs. The aircraft is available in the in-sim Marketplace for $14.99.