Aero Dynamics latest development update highlights progress on modeling and texturing of its KC/DC-10

We’ve been following the work from the team at Aero Dynamics to bring a high-fidelity KC-10/DC-10 to Microsoft Flight Simulator, a project that has been in development for well over two years now. There’s still no release date in sight but each new quarterly update brings us closer to what we’re hoping to be an in-depth simulation of the iconic trijet tanker and airliner.

While this quarter’s update may not be as extensive as the preceding ones, it unveils the meticulous work poured into refining both the interior and exterior models, along with the under-the-hood systems of the aircraft. This has really been the focal point of this quarter, aiming to establish a standardized workflow that would streamline the integration of future additions and variants to the project.

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 9

Here’s how Aero Dynamics has progressed in the last few months:

Model Exterior: This quarter saw the addition of more details to key areas of the aircraft exterior. Pilots will be able to open up the engine cowlings to view the intricately modeled CF6-50C2 engine on the base variant. The refinement also extends to the interior of ground service panels, encompassing pneumatic air input, cabin air input refueling panel, and more. Additionally, the interior of the gear bays has received some attention, which, as noted by the developers, adds more life to the DC model.

Model Interior: Aero Dynamics hopes to achieve a high standard of quality with this project, which means several refinements are often needed. This time, they saw the need for a texture and model overhaul. Although it’s just the beginning, the developers shared some captivating shots of the work-in-progress KC cockpit. The DC cockpit is also undergoing enhancements, with a notable feature being the ability for pilots to customize certain gauge areas according to their aesthetic and operational preferences. This customization extends to offer numerous unique cockpit combinations, amplifying the simulation experience.

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 3

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 5

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 7

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 6

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 2

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 4

Systems: A glimpse into the hydraulic system was shared, showcasing the typical power-up of hydraulic pressure and its utilization to actuate the ailerons. Aero Dynamics explained that their aim is to simulate the redundancy in the aircraft’s flight control surfaces tied to different hydraulic systems.

Future Plans and Opportunities: The Aero Dynamics team is set on continuing their work on the project in hopes of putting it out in the world soon. The roadmap for the coming months includes enhancing cockpit textures to a high level of accuracy, exterior visual improvements, and coupling visual effects with unique aircraft states, among others.

And that’s all for now. Expect another development update in February 2024, where we hope to see further progress and maybe (who knows!) some visibility into a release timeline. Let’s see what Aero Dynamics is in store for us in 2024!

Aero Dynamics KC 10 DC 10 MSFS 10