SoFly launches “Explore West Coast US” audio tour for Microsoft Flight Simulator

SoFly continues to expand its collection of audio tours for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the developer takes us on a journey across the US West Coast with the appropriately named “Explore West Coast US“. This is an immersive experience designed to take simmers on an adventure across six of the most important cities on the United States’ West Coast, including Eugene, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Following the launch of their East Coast audio tour, SoFly’s new offering promises to satisfy the discovery itch of MSFS pilots on the other side of the United States. Throughout these flights, simmers will be treated to authentic audio descriptions of 20 landmarks, points of interest, or significant locations in each city. This means a total of 120 cultural and exciting places will be unveiled, complete with historical insights and significance.

SoFly says that “Explore West Coast US” tour is an educational journey that combines the thrill of exploration with fascinating information and fun trivia. Pilots can discover hidden gems and gain new perspectives on familiar sights, all while controlling the pace of their adventure.

To enhance the realism and accuracy of the experience, SoFly encourages users to combine the audio tour with the free USA World Update, ensuring up-to-date imagery, landmarks, and accurate placements.

SoFly’s “Explore West Coast US” is available now from SoFly’s website and Orbx Direct, priced at around $8.00 USD. It should soon come to the Marketplace too!