DA62X Project – a mod to improve de default Diamond DA62

Here’s another mod that aims to improve one of the default aircraft in Flight Simulator (MSFS). This time it’s the Diamond DA62 to get some attention, with an improved flight model, avionics and visuals.

If you’re looking to get a more realistic experience with the DA62, look no further than this mod. One of the key features is the automatic propeller control, which makes the propeller RPM follow the set curve of the real airplane.

Overall, the Diamond DA62X mod Flight Simulator aims to closely replicate the official specs, completely overhauling the aircraft for a very different experience than with the default version. It’s also compatible with the G1000 mod by Working Title, which we’ve told you about before.


Given the current lack of third party aircraft, these mods are a great way to experience something new and more refined than the stock airplanes. If you’re interested in them, also check the XCub mod, the A32NX, Salty’s 747, the CJ4 or the Bonanza Turbo.

Key Features

Automatic propeller control
The Propeller RPM will follow the set curve like the real plane. This acts like single lever control, however it is based on engine power output and not lever position.
Experimental “Mixture control Full FADEC” also included. See PDF for more info

Engine changes 

  • Correct fuel flows
  • Improved Oil/Coolant temperature and pressure behaviour
  • Fixed Fuel Pumps
  • Added Engine, Systems and Fuel page
  • Aux tank fuel indication added
  • CAS messages added for engine, anti ice and other systems.


  • Correct cruise speeds
  • Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
  • Improved inflight handling characteristics all around
  • Reduced ground friction and turn radius
  • Reduced elevator/rudder deflection
  • Reduced elevator/rudder trim deflection
  • Increased flap lift and drag
  • Increased gear drag


  • Completely redone Anti-Ice systems with endurance and functional Ice-Light
  • ECU run-up and feathering*
  • Simulated fuel/gearbox temperature
  • Reduced standby instruments brightness
  • Improved autopilot PIDs and limitations
  • Engine Indications connected to engine master switches
  • Ammeter behaves correctly to alternator and engine state


  • Improved volumetric lighting
  • Added metal leading edge and MT logo to static prop
  • Added White NAV light