The Working Title G1000 mod greatly improves the glass cockpit in Flight Simulator

Working Title is a team of developers dedicated to improving the default aircraft in MSFS. We’ve already talked about their Citation CJ4 mod, and today we are sharing with you another of their projects: the Garmin G1000 mod.

This mod brings a host of bug-fixes and new features to the avionics used in most of the GA aircraft in MSFS. There are a lot of changes, but the main ones are the introduction of a much requested track-up map mode, improved brightness controls, autopilot fixes, and the mandatory graphical improvements, bringing the G1000 interface closer to its real counterpart.

But there’s more, which you can read about on the official GitHub page.

Overall, the Working Title G1000 mod for Flight Simulator (MSFS), coupled with some the airplanes that have also been overhauled by the community (like the excellent Bonanza Turbo), make for a much better experience in Flight Simulator. Highly recommended!

Working Title G1000 mod MSFS Flight Simulator 2