Nemeth Designs releases a new helicopter for MSFS: the Schweizer S300CBi

Nemeth Designs is no stranger to heli simmers who’ve flown in older platforms such as P3D and FSX. The developer has a long history of creating virtual helicopters but has yet to explore this virtue in full for the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, taking their latest release as a sign of things to change, we should expect to see more helicopters from Nemeth Designs in the sim. After all, following the collaboration with Asobo for the rendition of the Bell 407, the developer has recently released its second helicopter for MSFS, the Schweizer S300CBi, a single-engine light utility helicopter.

Currently available for $14.49 on the developer’s own store and in the Marketplace (PC & Xbox), this helicopter is noted for its detailed and accurate visual model, detailed 4K textures, and realistic flight dynamics based on real-world data. Moreover, it offers realistic aircraft operation based on real-world piloting and maintenance manuals. It also includes a collection of 10 liveries and a short PDF manual​.

The Schweizer 300CBi is a versatile helicopter, originally designed and manufactured by Schweizer Aircraft Corporation and Sikorsky Global Helicopters. It has proven its reliability over decades of use in a variety of applications, including rotary wing flight training, agriculture, general aviation, and some government use, including limited law enforcement and military operations.

Nemeth Designs Schweizer S300CBi MSFS 9

Nemeth Designs Schweizer S300CBi MSFS 8

Nemeth Designs Schweizer S300CBi MSFS 2

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In terms of specifications, the S300 measures 30 feet, 10 inches in length, stands 8 feet, 9 inches tall, and has a maximum takeoff weight of just over 2,000 pounds. The Textron Lycoming HIO-360-D1A piston engine powers this helicopter, delivering up to 190 horsepower. The engine drives a 3-blade main rotor system and a 2-blade tail rotor, allowing the helicopter to cruise at 100 miles per hour, sprint up to 110, climb at 750 feet per minute, and with a maximum range of 225 miles. Its wide field of view and highly responsive controls have received praise from pilots who have had the pleasure of operating the S300​.

The Schweizer S300CBi is another addition to the growing list of helicopters being released for Microsoft Flight Simulator and may be a good choice to consider for those looking for a small helicopter for sightseeing. At just $14.49, it’s cheap enough not to break the bank!

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