The H145 Military helicopter variant is now available for MSFS, and has a functional rocket launcher!

The wait was worth it! After the release of the Luxury and Civilian variants, only the Military version of the Hype Performance Group H145 was waiting to be launched, but that is finally happening now and with an incredible new feature: launchable rockets in MSFS!

Some helicopter simmers in MSFS may have been wondering about the advantages of having a Military variant of the H145, besides the cosmetic differences when compared to the Civilian and Luxury versions. Well, today Hype Performance group is finally letting users fly the aggressive H145M and try out its most unique feature. This machine is capable of firing rockets from the side-mounted rocket pods, with visible missiles launching into the distance with realistic smoke effects and sounds. And they actually impact the terrain and leave a column of smoke!

Obviously, MSFS is no DCS, so there’s no destruction of buildings or fighting against other aircraft but, with this feature, HPG hopes to give MSFS simmers some of the thrills military pilots enjoy during combat. The video preview of this functionality, which you can see below, is a nice showcase of how it all works and looks:

HPG warns that this is an early version of this feature, which the team will look to iterate and improve over the following days and weeks as simmers provide their feedback.

While the functional rockets are the highlight of this release, the H145M also includes some specific model components such as countermeasures (currently inoperable), SATCOM radio antenna, animated front camera/sensor, and more.

Early Access supporters of the HPG H145 can now get an initial preview version of the Military variant of this brilliant helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available through the H145 Download Center. Everyone else can get the product directly through HPG, priced at $42.99.

Make sure to join the Hype Performance group Discord server, where you can get quick support from the developers and notices about each new build. And remember, this is still in very active development and new fixes and improvements are being added all the time!

H145 Military rockets MSFS 8

H145 Military rockets MSFS 7

H145 Military rockets MSFS 6

H145 Military rockets MSFS 5

H145 Military rockets MSFS 4

H145 Military rockets MSFS 3

H145 Military rockets MSFS 2

Release notes: H145M preview

  • Launch H145M (H145 Military variant) with new visual effects
  • Variant includes custom body with new details (SATCOM radio antenna etc.)
  • Functional FZ275 LGR rockets (unguided targeting only) (rocket pods optional in tablet). Rockets have a launch effect as well as impact explosion and subsequent fire and damage to the ground.
  • 3 soldiers visible when passenger doors open (configurable on tablet)
  • Front camera/sensor is on automatic sweep while flying
  • Camera display is currently inop (will get something, but no camera support in MSFS right now)
  • Countermeasures dispensers are currently inop
  • Add IFR glare shields
  • Fix IBF (engine filters) not clogging when flying very low over sand/dirt