Original FSX F/A-18C Hornet released as freeware for Microsoft Flight Simulator

DC Designs and CJ Simulations have released the F/A-18C Hornet that was originally included as part of Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration.

The F/A-18C has been converted to a “native MSFS standard with all animations and features included”, the developers say, adding that Microsoft is “aware of the conversion work being done.” It is now available as freeware on Flightsim.to

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration was a 2007 expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, first released in 2006.

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While the avionics and sound have been fully converted and brought across to MSFS, the developer team created “custom code for further systems and a completely new flight model that features the F/A-18C’s legendary high-alpha flight capabilities.”

They have also added “MSFS native effects”, as well as selectable fuel tanks and a weapons load-out.

Retaining the original external model means any of the hundreds of addon liveries that were designed for the FSX version of the aircraft “can easily be converted” to work with this new MSFS version, the developers say.

The team has noted however that due to it being released as freeware, they “cannot offer the level of support” they would normally provide for payware products, adding that it is available for users to “further modify” if they wish to do so.

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