Aeroplane Heaven hopes to release the DC-3 for MSFS this month

Aeroplane Heaven has been very active with the development and release of new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has seen recently with the P-51D Mustang and the Grumman F3F-2, or with the Electra 10-A and Cessna 140. Happily, there’s a lot more coming, like the Sabreliner, the Avro Lancasterand the DC-3!

The iconic DC-3 has been teased a few times already, even though we don’t know many details about the product itself. What we had in the past are a few admittedly beautiful images of the aircraft in MSFS, but Aeroplane Heaven has refrained from providing much information about what simmers can expect from this aircraft, or when it’s expected to come out.

What is clear is that Aeroplane Heaven is now fully focused on Microsoft Flight Simulator, and announced that development for P3D and FSX has been suspended (all their products there will be going free next week, by the way, if you’re interested). The team feels like their time is best used on the state-of-the-art new platform from Microsoft and Asobo, which is to be understandable given the huge popularity this sim has garnered since its release in 2020.

Well, with that announcement on Aeroplane Heaven’s Facebook page, another important bit of information has surfaced, and it’s of particular interest to MSFS pilots. Answering a comment from a follower on that particular P3D/FSX announcement, Aeroplane Heaven revealed that they hoping to release the DC-3 for MSFS this month!

aeroplane heaven dc 3 msfs february 2022 2

This is definitely good news for all of those who would love to see the DC-3 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, especially if it ends up meeting the modeling standards set by the studio’s recently released P-51D ‘Mustang’, which is one of the most visually impressive airplanes currently available in MSFS.

Also left to our imagination, for now, is the level of depth of the aircraft’s systems and flight dynamics. Aeroplane Heaven did release a DC-3 for P3D back in the day, but it was considered to be aimed at the more casual simmer, rather than to the most serious flyer. PMDG, if you’re listening…

Good things come to those who wait, and we’ve been waiting a lot for the DC-3, but now it seems the day is coming to take to the skies in this historic airliner. We’ll be waiting for further details and a more “official” confirmation from Aeroplane Heaven, but this seems inevitable: MSFS and the DC-3 are a match made in heaven that is about to be fulfilled. Stay tuned for more!

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