Aerosoft patches the Twin Otter with reworked sounds and bug fixes

The Aerosoft Twin Otter release for MSFS was a long-awaited moment for the community, following many months of teasers and previews. Naturally, with every new aircraft release, simmers are quick to point out faults that need to be fixed, prompting developers to scramble in search of solutions for reported problems. The Twin Otter is no exception to this rule, and Aerosoft has responded now to early customer feedback with the first patch for the Twin Otter.

Despite some positive early impressions from this new Aerosoft aircraft for MSFS, simmers were quick to realize that there was a particular aspect of the Twin Otter that literally sounded a bit messy: the engine’s soundtrack. Over the course of the last week, there have been countless reports of inadequate sound mixing, with poor transitions between sounds as the pilot makes changes on the throttle or RPM levers. The issue appears to be related to how the different engine sounds are activated and transition between each other, rather than with the quality of the audio itself.

In an effort to improve this aspect and other known issues that have plagued the Twin Otter in these first few days of its life in MSFS, Aerosoft has now issued the first update to the product. Besides some promised improvements to volume balancing of external and internal sounds, this update also applies autopilot fixes, along with some additional changes. See the full changelog below:

Aerosoft Twin Otter Update 1 release notes:

– Added: GPWS Inhibit switch
– Added: Wing lights
– Added: Elevator and rudder trim knob animations now react to control input. Sounds added
– Fixed: Torque link on -300 Cargo 4-Blade nose gear
– Fixed: Changed Elevator and aileron simvars to those that work in multiplayer
– Fixed: Control lock variable reversed for multiplayer compatibility
– Fixed: Rework and volume balancing of external sounds
– Fixed: Rework and volume balancing of internal sounds
– Fixed: Autopilot losing altitude in ALT HOLD mode 
– Fixed: Autopilot losing altitude in GS HOLD mode
– Fixed: Exterior view engine instruments
– Fixed: Missing performance data in aircraft selection window
– Fixed: Toned down wind sound at rear door when aircraft is not moving and wind is not storm strength
– Fixed: Boost pump annunciator condition
– Fixed: Volts indicator now shows 0V when generators are off
– Fixed: CDI Needles jumping from side to side while flying a FROM radial
– Fixed: Missing needle arrow in copilot HSI
– Fixed: NAV/HDG flags over heading bug and needle in both HSIs
– Fixed: Separated GNS530/430, Autopilot, Transponder and ADF from Copilot dimmer
– Fixed: Propeller De-Ice now works for both propellers
– Fixed: Intake Anti-Ice now works for both engines
– Fixed: Increased volume of GPWS glide slope callouts
– Fixed: HSI knob not turning
– Fixed: Gaps in the ceiling near front cabin wall

This update brings the Twin Otter to v1.0.1, and is now available on every retailer. Go grab it and share your feedback in the comments below! Does the Twin Otter sound better with this first patch? What issues are you still encountering?