Carenado updates nearly all of its MSFS airplanes

Carenado has been quite prolific with new aircraft releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The most recent one was the C337 Skymaster, which finally came out after an unusual waiting time following the initial announcement back in August, but Carenado continues to support previous products… albeit slowly.

Thankfully, this week, the developers issued some welcome updates to most of the existing portfolio for MSFS. 7 of Carenado airplanes have now been updated: the CT182T Skylane, M20R Ovation, PA44 Seminole, WYMF5, PA28R Arrow III, PA34T Seneca V, and the C170B.

As usual, Carenado isn’t exactly very communicative when it comes to features and changes. Expect some bugs to be fixed, but also improved lighting effects and a new way to activate the included tablet (from the side pocket). Here are the very generic release notes provided by Carenado:

Changes in all aircraft:

  • Startup engine smoke effect added
  • Redone of all light effects
  • New way to hide/unhide tablet
  • Minor bugs fixed

Specifically in C170B (in addition to the above):

  • Fixed dark screen of GPS
  • Added buttons to GPS

Since Carenado only sells its products through the MSKS Marketplace, you’ll have to check the built-in Content Manager to download and install these updates.