Orbx ‘Fun with Friends” adds 10 racing courses to some stunning locations in MSFS

Orbx is expanding its product portfolio for MSFS beyond the usual scenery and airports that made the studio famous throughout the years (with some occasional aircraft in between). Following on an idea first introduced a few months ago with the freeware Brisbane River Run, the Australian studio is now launching a new series of products for MSFS that is specially meant to be enjoyed with friends.

Aptly named “Fun with Friends“, this new product from Orbx will consist of a number of “fun packs” with a variety of activities and things to discover in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first pack, now available through Orbx, adds 10 racing tracks in some of the most scenic locations in the world, such as the Grand Canyon, the Egyptian Pyramids, or the Canadian Rockies.

With this first pack of “Fun with Friends”, you will find these racing courses placed in the scenery, waiting for you and your friends to zip across them at great speeds. This is essentially composed of a variety of pylons and signs in different shapes and sizes, which guide you through the tracks on each of the stunning available locations. There’s no time-tracking or leaderboard of any kind: just spawn on the closest airport and head to the track for some quick and fun thrills.

If you enjoyed Brisbane River Run or the Reno Air Races expansion, then this new product from Orbx should also provide some fun and exciting moments, to be enjoyed in multiplayer or even alone. Orbx says that more packs in this series will be coming in the future, with additional “challenges, stunts, Easter Eggs and much more“.

For now, “Fun with Friends” launches with this first pack of 10 racing courses, which are available for just $5.00. Currently available on PC only, but very soon it will also be out on the MSFS Marketplace for Xbox simmers to enjoy as well.

Locations and nearest airports:

  • Monument Valley: UT25
  • Grand Canyon: KGCN
  • Manhattan: KEWR
  • Devil’s Tower: WY14 or W43
  • Essendon: YMEN
  • Star Wars Canyon: 026 lone pine for jets
  • Loch Ness: EGVZ or EGPE
  • Mach Loop: EGOD
  • Egyptian Pyramids: HE15
  • Canadian Rockies: CYGE