Impulse Simulations launches another Landmarks Pack for MSFS, this time for Townsville, in Australia

Impulse Simulations is back with a new Landmarks Pack for an Australian city. After the release of Cairns Landmarks earlier this year, the developer has now traveled further south along the Australian coast to the city of Townsville.

As usual with this type of “landmarks pack”, we’re looking at the addition of a variety of custom buildings and objects to the default scenery in MSFS. Townsville Landmarks Pack is no exception, as Impulse Simulations added all the most prominent high-rises and most notable landmarks to the city’s landscape in MSFS.

As a coastal city, Townsville enjoys the presence of typical sea-bound structures like the port, marina, a variety of boats, piers, and more, which Impulse Simulations modeled in detail. Besides, well-known POIs such as the North QLD Stadium also look properly represented, as do other VFR-friendly objects like antennas, which users will find around the city and in the nearby Mt Stuart.

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 11

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 10

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 9

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 8

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 6

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 5

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 4

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 3

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 2

Townsville Landmarks MSFS 1

If you’re looking to further explore the state of Queensland in MSFS and enjoy all the beautiful views it offers (and the proximity to the Great Barrier Reef!), this pack of landmarks for Townsville will surely make your stopover in the city much more enjoyable!

Townsville Landmarks Pack from Impulse Simulations is now available for just $9.95. The developers say it has been optimized for both PC and Xbox, so we should see a Marketplace release fairly soon. Also, don’t forget to install the free Australia World Update for the absolute best experience!

Main Features:

  • Full PBR Texturing
  • Hand crafted all prominent high-rises
  • North QLD Stadium in high detail
  • Custom ships, boats and marinas with navigation markers
  • Animated HVAC systems and Roof Ventilation
  • Strand clean up with hand made Strand Pier
  • Improved night lighting
  • 100+ hand placed 3D models
  • 3D communication towers around the city and Mt Stuart
  • Custom 3D BOM radar tower
  • Animated big Aussie flag near Hospital (SU10 Required to see)
  • Many vegetation and water/road fixes