Orbx releases Brisbane River Run, a fun freeware racing track for MSFS

Here’s something new from Orbx, a little detour from their usual scenery and airport creations. The Australian studio is now offering a cool little scenery add-on, completely free, that will have you speeding along the Brisbane River while maneuvering between a series of pylons and gates. It’s your personal Brisbane River Run air show!

Brisbane River Run starts at Brisbane Airport, heading up the river past the downtown until its end south of the Suncorp Stadium. With arrows guiding your way, navigate between dozens of pylons and gates, testing your skills as a quick-thinker and fast-moving pilot, preferably with a fast airplane – even at night.

Orbx is definitely being clever here. Releasing such a package for free is a great way to promote its other locally relevant add-ons. While Brisbane River Run does not require any additional Orbx products, it’s easy to see how the company’s Landmarks Brisbane and YBBN Airport would go perfectly along Brisbane River Run, dramatically improving the experience.

Brisbane River Run is now freely available through Orbx Direct. Track-time leaderboards as well as other race locations will be added in the future.

Orbx Brisbane River Run MSFS 5

Orbx Brisbane River Run MSFS 4

Orbx Brisbane River Run MSFS 3

Orbx Brisbane River Run MSFS 2

Orbx Brisbane River Run MSFS 1

Key Features

  • Landmarks Brisbane NOT required, although recommended 
  • YBBN Airport is the recommended starting point
  • Several dozen gates and pylons with arrows guide the pilot through the race track
  • The course follows the river past downtown and ends south of the Suncorp Stadium
  • All gates have night effects, letting you fly any time of day\night
  • Modelled and designed by Craig Riach