Here are the first cockpit images of the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 for MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven surprised us recently with the unexpected release of the Cessna 140 for Flight Simulator. After months of teasing about the Spitfire and the DC-3, the team decided to launch a more conventional aircraft, while also putting the Spitfire on hold and starting focusing on the DC-3. Now, months after the last update, Aeroplane Heaven is finally giving a few additional hints about their progress with some new DC-3 images to show!

The last time we heard about the DC-3 it was looking stunning from the outside. Today it’s clear that it will also look very impressive on the inside. Aeroplane Heaven says that they are now in the final stages of development in the cockpit. It’s “getting closer“, they say, but how much closer? The team is aiming for a release in the last quarter of this year, if all goes well and further platform updates don’t hinder development.

An additional tidbit: there will be an option for some kind of “modern” avionics in there, but exactly which one is unclear at this point. A nice-to-have that doesn’t detract in any way from the classic analog experience. They did the same with the Cessna 140. Options are good!

And that’s it folks. Good things to see but not much to write home about. Still, with a more clear timeframe for a release date and a good sneak-peak into the DC-3’s interior, it seems Aeroplane Heaven is back on track to bring this legend to MSFS.