LatinVFR releases AREX GLOBAL for MSFS, replacing all default ground service vehicles

LatinVFR has an interesting product series for MSFS with its AREX series. AREX: Airport Regional Environment X aims to replace the default ground service vehicles in the simulator with more realistic ones. Previously available in regional packs, dedicated to Asia-Pacific, Europe, or North America, AREX is now available in a complete package, perfect for those who didn’t purchase any of those packs or owners of just one or two.

AREX: Airport Regional Environment X GLOBAL includes all the regional packs that have been released since the North American package came out a little over a year ago. AREX aims to do a simple thing, which is to replace the default ground service vehicles across all the airports in the world with more realistic versions.

The new vehicles that you will find are modeled more closely to the real-world versions that can be found in the biggest airports in the world, including logos representing the most important handling companies and catering services.

AREX GLOBAL features all the previously released standalone regional packs, so you’re getting the same functionality all over the world. Each region is independently customized to feature vehicles relevant to that region. Except for New Zealand, which weirdly continues to be left out. There’s some kind of incompatibility in New Zealand’s files that prevent this kind of LatinVFR add-ons to be active in the region.

LatinVFR Arex Global MSFS 5.jpg

LatinVFR Arex Global MSFS 4.jpg

LatinVFR Arex Global MSFS 2.jpg

LatinVFR Arex Global MSFS 1.jpg

AREX is just a cosmetic change, so you still have to use the default system to call ground services. It should work perfectly fine, however, with third-party systems such as the excellent freeware Toolbar Pushback.

AREX: Airport Regional Environment X GLOBAL is now available for $39.99.

Main features:

  • Replacement of ground services vehicles with customized and more realistic for the entire world.
  • Customized sounds of the different engines and animation situations.
  • All regions of the world in MSFS independently customized. Dozens of different and highly accurate configurations.
  • Different logos for the companies that provide airport services.
  • Realistic catering truck used in the regions, with the logos of the most important airport catering companies.
  • Customized push back truck depicting regional companies.
  • Customized and regional types of vehicle traffic, that make the airport environment more realistic and according to vehicles used in the region.
  • Uses the default system of calling ground services, no external apps or files needed.
  • No negative impact on performance.
  • The country of New Zealand is not currently modified.  

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