//42 releases Coyote Estate for MSFS, Your Private Mansion by the Sacramento River

The team at //42 is back with another immersive scene for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, //42 invites us to explore 42CE – Coyote Estate, nestled along the picturesque banks of the Sacramento River in Red Bluff, California.

This private airstrip with an estate is rumored to be the haven of a local entrepreneur. In Microsoft Flight Simulator, that entrepreneur could very well be you! But this area is more than just a landing strip with a nearby mansion; it’s a blend of colonial elegance, tropical allure, and exclusive amenities that provide a unique flying and leisurely experience.

At the heart of Coyote Estate is its private airstrip and helipad. The airstrip features a 968 ft well-maintained dirt strip, ideal for STOL aircraft like //42’s very own Freedom Fox and Fox2. The nearby helipad adds to the estate’s accessibility, catering to those who prefer to fly in helicopters.

Pilots need to be mindful of the short runway and surrounding obstacles, which make each landing an engaging exercise in skill. Approach considerations are crucial here. When landing from the south, pilots must be cautious of power lines, while a northern approach demands awareness of the treeline.

Thankfully, there are a few visual aids that will certainly prove to be very useful. The estate’s advanced lighting system, featuring solar-powered lights on a timer, enhances visibility and safety during evening operations. Additionally, the portable windsock at both the strip and helipad aids in judging wind direction, which is especially important here given the short runway.

After landing, Coyote Estate offers a haven for recreational activities. The private treehouse offers a unique vantage point over the estate, while the nearby county-maintained campground ensures a perfect outdoor retreat that is ideally suited for //42’s Campout. The tranquil man-made lake, complete with watercraft, and a luxurious swimming pool, provide ample opportunities for relaxation and leisure.

42CE Coyote Estate MSFS 2.png

42CE Coyote Estate MSFS 3.png

42CE Coyote Estate MSFS 5.png

42CE Coyote Estate MSFS 6.png

42CE Coyote Estate MSFS 7.png

42CE Coyote Estate MSFS 4.png

The estate’s location also allows direct access to the Red Bluff Trails, an ideal spot to explore on the //42 Juice Goose. As you can see, the whole scenery is a must-have for fans of //42 who can’t get enough to the developer’s varied products.

42CE – Coyote Estate by //42 is another very cool scenery from a team that loves to offer MSFS simmers new spots to enjoy in the simulator. Will this become your own safe haven as you explore Northern California? Coyote Estate is out now, directly from //42’s website, priced at $12.00 USD + applicable taxes. A release is also planned soon through Orbx and the MSFS Marketplace, for both PC and Xbox.