JustSim releases Moscow Vnukovo International Airport (UUWW)

JustSim, the Russian team of developers that brought us some great airports such as Stuttgart Airport or the most recent Dresden Airport for Flight Simulator, have now released an airport from their home country: Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport (UUWW), one of the four major airports that serve the Russian capital.

Vnukovo International Airport is Moscow’s oldest operating airport, having been opened for military purposes during World War II. It was later repurposed as a civilian infrastructure.

UUWW has two long intersecting runways, which combined allow for up to 60 aircraft movements each hour. These are served by two passenger terminals that handle customary commercial flights, a third terminal dedicated to general aviation (charter and business flights), and also a cargo terminal.

Vnukovo Airport UUWW MSFS 12

Vnukovo Airport UUWW MSFS 11

Vnukovo Airport UUWW MSFS 10

Vnukovo Airport UUWW MSFS 9

Vnukovo Airport UUWW MSFS 8

Vnukovo Airport UUWW MSFS 5

Vnukovo Airport UUWW MSFS 3

JustSim creates some very nice-looking airports, and UUWW is no exception. The modern main terminal is a highlight, having been recreated with great detail and looking very impressive from every angle. But this high-quality standard can be seen throughout the entire airport and should provide a very appreciable upgrade over the default airport.

Vnukovo International Airport from JustSim is now available from SimMarket for around 25€. Owners of the P3D version are eligible for a cool 50% discount for this new MSFS iteration.